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  • $0 down payment / cap cost reduction on all leases
  • Excludes sales tax, motor vehicle, doc, and bank fee
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Excess Wear and Tear Protection

We offer a wide array of aftersale insurance products with different terms to fit your budget

  • Lease customers incurred over a half billion dollars in excess wear and tear charges last year. Lease agreements hold you financially responsible for the condition of your vehicles interior and exterior at the time of turn in.
  • Auto insurance pays for certain types of damage to your vehicle. However, your auto insurance does not pay for excess wear and tear – YOU DO!
  • We try to provide peace of mind with excess wear & tear coverage up to $5,000. Excess wear and tear protection can eliminate or minimize those charges so that leasing is a carefree and enjoyable alternative to financing a vehicle. Leasing a car should be a carefree and enjoyable alternative to the responsibilities of auto ownership.
  • Protection Program Highlights:
    • Pays up to $5,000 in total excess wear and tear charges
    • Coverage for dents, scratches, window chips, tears, burns, and missing parts
    • Lease terms up to 72 months are eligible
    • Coverage available for lease returns any time prior to lease end and up to one year after original scheduled lease termination date
    • Eligible vehicle MSRPs up to $150,000
    • $0 deductible option

Typical wear and tear charges:

  • Scratches & Chipped Paint
  • Chipped Glass
  • Interior Stains
  • Tires
  • Lenses – Head Lamps, Rear Lamps & Fog Lights
  • Wheels & Wheel Covers
  • Missing Car Manual or Keys (if charges are $100 or less per item)
  • Stone Bruises, Sand Damage & Pits
  • Dents
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Welcome to Best Buy Auto Leasing LLC (, your source for Auto Lease Deals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and beyond. We specialize in getting you the best Auto Lease Deals possible for all cars, any make and model. If you're in the market to buy or lease a car in the tri-state area, or anywhere in the US, CLICK HERE for quick auto lease price quotes today.

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